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Reviewed non-impacted theoretical magazine of the Czech Ministry of Defense Vojenské rozhledy - Military Review is the oldest and most prestigious Czech military magazine (founded in 1919). Since mid-2013 it has been committed to the University of Defence (the issuer), the state military college with a long tradition of scientific research in the field of defense and security. The magazine brings the latest findings, in military science, theory and methodology. The magazine is a platform which provides a forum for the presentation of the author's views within the security community and the Armed Forces. It is designed mainly for practice, education and training in the field of security and defense.

The magazine is issued four times per a year in print and electronic form on the website www.vojenskerozhledy.cz. A printed version of the magazine is published in an edition of 600 copies and is distributed within the Ministry of Defense, selected institutions of state administration in the Czech Republic, military and civilian universities and colleges, research institutions, think- tanks, libraries and other customers.

To publish original contributions are received in the Czech and Slovak language. The magazine is internally divided into reviewed articles (original research and survey topics) and articles that does not pass the review process. Reviewed articles meet the highest requirements for quality and erudition of the author and have to meet the required quality and the formal criteria.
The website of the magazine, compared to the printed version of the magazine, are also published short topical information from a wide field of military and security.

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