VR3 2017 obalkaWe offer you the third issue of Vojenské rozhledy. It again contains articles on topical issues of security and defence policy and military theory. Two articles are devoted to security development in relation to the policy of the Russian Federation. The first one is aware of the security threats that frozen conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh brings. The second article returns to the polemics of Luboš Dobrovsky and Jan Eichler in our magazine No 2/2016 and No 2/2017 on a neorealistic approach to interpreting the current military-security situation in the post-Soviet area. We believe that this topic deserves our attention further.

Other articles deal with lesser known aspects of Middle East development, cyber defence in the defence sector, or the relationship of the Czech Republic to the "new" Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU. You can read or download these and other articles in Current Edition section or react to them.