Eichler Jan

Asoc. Prof.  Jan Eichler, Ph.D., born. 1952, the Military Academy, MoD, 1979-82 Czechoslovak Embassy in Paris. In the 80thhe dealt with the analysis of the military policy of the Armed Forces of France. 1991-1994 - Institute for Strategic Studies. He is currently working at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, where he deals with the issue of security. He has authored numerous publications: International Security Relations (2004), Terrorism and War in the early 21st Century (Karolinum, 2007), International Security in the Age of Globalization (Portal, 2009), Security and Strategic Culture USA, the EU and the Czech Republic (Karolinum, 2011) and others. He appears regularly on radio and television and published in German, French and British journals.


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