Hybridní válka – případ Chorvatska a Ukrajiny(3)

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  • ročník: 2016
  • číslo: Mimořádné číslo
  • stav: Recenzované / Reviewed
  • typ článku: Přehledový / Peer-reviewed


Autoři, název článku

gen. plk. Dr. sc. Slavko Barić, plk. Dr.sc. Jugoslav Jozić, pplk. Dr.sc. Robert Barić, MSc.

Hybridní válka – případ Chorvatska a Ukrajiny

Hybrid Warfare - Cases of Croatia and Ukraine

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Col Dr.sc. Jugoslav Jozić graduated at the Naval Military Academy in Split 1989 and in 2002 at the French War College (CID – Collège interarmées de Défense, Paris). In 2002 he also graduated in Paris (postgraduate study of defence, geostrategy and industrial dynamics at University Paris II ASSASS. He holds a Dr.sc degree in international security/international relations (Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb University). He was a head of section for the multilateral military cooperation in the CAF HQ, and later a lecturer at the War College of the Croatian Armed Forces and director of Military Diplomatic course at Croatian Military Academy. From 2010 to 2014 he was a member of the NATO International Military Staff at NATO HQ in Bruxelles (C&RS – Cooperation and Regional Security Division), first as a staff officer and afterwards as a chief of the Regional Partnership Branch. From 2014 he is director of the Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies at the Croatian Defence Academy “Dr. Franjo Tuđman”, Zagreb. From 2015 he is Croatian national coordinator in the NATO Science & Technology Organization. He speaks fluent English and French language.


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