Deepfake as an Advanced Manipulative Technique for Spreading Propaganda


The article describes the basic foundations and significance of the manipulative technique called Deepfake, which in the environment of technological and informational expansion is also becoming a widely used tool for spreading propaganda. This advanced manipulation complements a wider spectrum of forms of disinformation and is increasingly being used as a means of conducting information operations, often as part of wider hybrid warfare. Effectively combating this kind of manipulation places high demands on consumers of information, both on the part of the detection tools used and on the part of the cognitive human approach based on critical thinking. The expansion and sophistication of similar manipulative techniques will continue, in connection with the development of modern technologies and the interconnectedness of the information environment. Although the Deepfake technique is not only associated with security-military aspects, its influence on information operations and hybrid warfare cannot be neglected.

Col. Dr. Martin Havlík, PhD., MBA, MSc., Employee of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. He specializes in intelligence, especially in the field of technical intelligence disciplines, information and cybernetic operations as an integral part of the hybrid activities of state and non-state actors. In addition to the above, he focuses on security threats and risks analyses in conflict areas (especially in Asia) with an impact on the defence and security of the Czech Republic.


Country: Czech Republic


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