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Models of Proliferation of Rocket Technologies Used by Hybrid Actors in the Middle East


Rocket technology occupies an elite position in the doctrines of hybrid actors in the Middle East. The thesis of proliferation of tactical ballistic missiles analyses four models - political, technological, substitutional and propagandist-psychological. An effective reduction of ballistic missiles and technologies has been identified in the political model, where sanctions and embargoes limit the proliferation of missile technology. In the technical model, which plays a key role, the limiting factors are those of development and dissemination of high-energy laser weapons. The substitutional model illustrates the application of tactical ballistic missiles as carriers for improvised devices. It is of marginal importance, despite covering targets that involve secondary damage. Studying the model of propaganda and psychology confirms the psychological effect on the population associated with the losses, but it does not affect the reduction of missiles.

Ladislav KULHÁNEK, born in 1986. Studied history at the University of Pardubice. Takes an interest in military history, from World War II to modern warfare, and specializes in military technology used in Third World countries in particular. Has long been monitoring the situation in the Near and Middle East. Has published numerous articles and illustrations on hand-held firearms since 2013.


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