From Subcultural Groupings to Actors of Hybrid Warfare


This article deals with transformation of several categories of subcultural groupings to real or potential actors of hybrid warfare. It is based on trends and events related to the Ukrainian crisis and to the new Russian power projection in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as on the reaction of governments and societies which are threatened by this way of warfare and politics. Research on subcultures and research on strategy and conflict form the conceptual framework of the article. The author analyses the role of military re-enactment groups, bikers, football hooligans and other youth subcultural groups. The risk analysis serves for an assessment of the current impact and a possible future development of the researched phenomenon.

Prof. Miroslav Mareš, PhD., born in 1974. He is the guarantor of security and strategic studies at the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno. He focuses on the research of extremism and terrorism in the Central Europe. He is a member of the European Expert Network on Terrorism Issues. He has worked with the OSCE and participated in the counter-extremism and the counter-terrorism activities of the European Union. He is an author or co-author of more than two hundred publications (among other with Astrid Bötticher they wrote the book Theorien, Extremism – Konzepte, Restoring, issued in 2012, in Munich).

Country: Czech Republic


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