Food Terrorismand Agroterrorism


People commonly imagine terrorist attack as hijacking or improvised explosive device hidden in crowded place. However terrorists can also attack against food, cattle, farm crops or water resources. These kinds of attacks can be ranked among agroterrorism or food terrorism, whereas agroterrorists attack against cattle, farm crops or water resources; food terrorists attack against foodstuffs. This paper is intended to provide information about agroterrorism and food terrorism as possible forms of wilful violence. Food security became discussed issue especially after anthrax incidents in 2001. There are many authorities that deal with these issues, for example EU, NATO or World Health Organization.

Ing. Hana Vlachová, Ph.D., born in 1983. In 2003-2008 she graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), Defence University Brno, branch of study state defence economy, study module Population Protection; and subsequently from 2008 till 2011 she embarked the doctoral study programme National Defence Economics. As an internal postgraduate student at the Department of Logistics, Defence University, she concentrated on problems of securing logistics chains and their critical points against terrorist attacks, secondly on economy aspects of terrorism and their impacts on air transport. At present she works at the Centre of Insurance Brno.

Country: Czech Republic


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