Perception of Security Threats in the CBRN Sphere: History and Challenges


The period of the beginning of the 21st century is typical for the situation characterized by minimization of a global conflict and by decreasing risks of a direct aggression among neighbouring countries. Nonetheless, the occurrence and permanent existence of mass destruction weapons and industrial accidents caused by human beings, natural disasters produced by leakages of toxic industrial materials, are considered as a global problem that determinates not only the activities of national armies, but also activities of civil population. The danger of WMD deployment is especially high at time of danger, when forces are to be used or misused, and terrorist activities might multiply in some world's regions, even in technologically underdeveloped countries.

Lt.Col. Pavel Otřísal, PhD., MBA, born in 1972. He graduated from The Military College of the Ground Forces in Vyškov in 1994. In 2011 he completed his professional training program "Public relations" and in 2012, his PhD. studies. In 2015 he completed his habilitation and he was appointed Associate Professor in the field of Defense of Forces and Population. He served  in commander and staff posts at battalion and brigade levels. In 2005, he joined the NBC Defence Institute of the University of Defense in Vyškov, where he has been acting until now. He deals with the issue of combat and operational use of units, in the area of the chemical corps.

Country: Czech Republic


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