To Fight Like King of Bohemia. Mutual Influencing among Languages in the Context of Social Changes


The higher levels of STANAG 6001 examinations assume the knowledge of English life and institutions, i.e. the country of tested language. Without knowing cultural context, complementary to everyday life, some misunderstandings might come into existence. Some English words have become established in Czech (revolver, tank, tanker, tram, jam, safe), whereas others are still being adapted. A particular role in this process is ascribed to military community. The following text makes therefore some enquiries into English words of Czech origins or with Czech background, both military and civil ones, in the past or still in use.

Colonel Ladislav Chaloupský, Ph.D. (retired) was born in 1955 and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Masaryk University in Brno. Following these studies he continued with a Ph.D. in linguistics at the same university. He has also participated in various courses related to language issues and defense management in the USA (Lackland AFB), Great Britain (Beaconsfield DSL) and Germany (Marshall Center in Oberammergau and Garmisch-Parterkichen) and has been an Honorary Citizen of Texas since 1992. He was appointed as the Chief of Germanic Languages at the Military University in Brno. In 1997 he assumed the position of Head of Languages at the Military Educational and Training Centre in Komorni Hradek. In 2003 he was assigned as Director of the newly established Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Vyskov. In addition to commanding the DLI he chaired the Foreign Language Methodology Board of the Czech Armed Forces and was a member of the NATO-BILC (Bureau of International Language Co-operation) steering committee for the Czech Republic.
Between 1995 and 2008, he was also posted to UN and NATO missions across Iraq serving as a Senior Logistics Officer, a Personnel Officer, a Liaison Officer and an Advisor to the Chief of Operations in Baghdad.

Country: Czech Republic


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