Combat Rations for Troical Regions and their Nutritional Value


The article specifies combat rations developed specifically for military catering in tropical regions (CRTRs). The ingredients and use value of foods used in these rations identified as CRTRs are different from those of previously established combat rations (CRs). When establishing them, specific requirements for each food component had to be respected, in particular with respect to storage conditions, use of foods with a long minimum shelf life (MSL) at extreme temperatures, reduced weight of the foods used, and adequate amount of beverages. The TCRs were developed by MEDIAP Slušovice, who designed 7 variants of these rations in total. Nutritional value tests and sensory evaluations following the storage test at modified temperatures after the thermostat test at a tropical temperature of 55 °C were made by the panel of evaluators in the laboratory of the College of Business and Hotel Management in Brno, Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

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