Possibilities of Tactical Activities Optimization in the Framework of Engineer Units


The article presents possible approaches to solve problems of finding the optimum state of tactical activities within the level of small Engineer Units. The intention is, by elaborating of the partial engineer goal which is focussed on the area of engineer units’ tactics, to develop input data/ information needed for further development of mathematical models of the tactical activities. Subsequently, with the judgement on modelling outputs (applicability within C2 activities of staffs’ task force structures) from engineer unit tactics point of view, the article contributes to enhancing all of C2 processes effectiveness. The article also provides us with information about the range of facts relative with problems of selected engineer unit (counter-mobility task forces) deployment planning, and controlling. There can be also found inventory of activities appropriate for optimization.

Jaroslav Zelený, born in 1948. He held command functions in the engineer troops (platoon, company, battalion), at the operational headquarters (Headquarters of the Western Military District), in military education at the Military Academy of Antonína Zápotockého, then at the Department of operational use corps of engineers and engineer support. He worked as an assistant professor at the Institute of operational tactical studies and since 2007 he has been a member of the Department of engineer support. His scientific and educational activities focus on the issue of the use of the engineer troops in combat and non-combat operations, management of engineer support and command of the corps of engineers.

Country: Czech Republic


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