Operational Readiness of National Territory and the Railway Transport in the Military Emergencies


The paper solved changes in the legislation and the Analyse of continuance of the railway transport branch after the State of National Emergency announce or the State of War announce The analyse highlights on actual difference between documentation (the Operational Read- iness of National Territory) and real options. Long­time and gradual impacts in the entire domain decrease real possibilities of the system. The final step has been cancel of mobilization delivery for protecting and recovery of designated railway network without any measures. The paper offers possible solution of that situation.

Ing. Jan Englich, Col (Ret.), born in 1947. He is graduate of the Military Railway School in Valašské Meziříčí and Military Faculty of the Transport and Communication College in Žilina. Until 1993 he served at all levels of the command and mcontroll in management and staff posts at the railway corps. From 1994 until retirement in 2002, he acted on the General Staff. He currently works for the "Stavební obnova železnic" company, as a strategic planning officer. He published in the specialized magazines in the Czech and Slovak Republics. He is a co-author of the publication "Transport and Crisis Management", published by the University of Pardubice, where he externally teaches.

Country: Czech Republic


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