Priorities of Czech Army Logistics in Upcoming Period


The thing that authors regard as most important and that needs attention before anything else is the modernization of logistics in the Czech armed forces, as well as within the whole Sector of Defence, as we are facing now the topical problem—decreasing amount of financial resources from defence budget. This decrease has been enforcing logistics to find new and non-traditional approaches and ways how to solve tasks related to material and technical support. This article is aimed at the description of undertaken measures in the performance of logistics tasks in 2011 and following years. The conception and vision of the Czech Armed Forces future, including its logistics, should be involved in the White Defence Paper. The specification of the targets and the abilities in bigger detail will is involved in the White Paper on Defence.

Prof. Ing. Peter Hajna, CSc., Col. (Ret), born in 1949. He is a graduate of the Military College of the Land Forces in Vyškov and Military Academy in Brno. He acted in logistic positions on the levels of military formation and division. From 1981 he is a teacher at the Military academy in Brno and Military College of the Land Forces in Vyškov. He was the head of the Department of Logistics, the Dean of the Faculty of Economy of the State and the Defense Logistics and in 2004 the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management oif the University of Defence. He deals with the issue of logistic support of the Czech Armed Forces, the NATO logistics and economic logistics. He is the author of several scientific projects and a wide range of scientific-research works and study materials. He publishes in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Country: Czech Republic


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