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Security, Threats, and Risk in the 21st Century


After the year 1989 many presumed that “the end of history” came about, after the end of cold war no international security risks would arise. Nowadays we see that everything is different. Risks and threats are an inseparable component of humane existence. A working state must be prepared for those risks, which covers even the field of training citizens. The reviewed publication will certainly contribute to better understanding the complexity of present-day world and its security. The book has two independent parts; the first one is politological by Peter Rožňák, the second part deals with professional arms by Ludvík Juříček.   Ludvík Juříček, Petr Rožňák. Bezpečnost, hrozby a rizika v 21. století. 1. vydání. Brno: Key Publishing, 2014, 324 str., ISBN 978-80-7418-201-3.

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