Where Are You Going, Defence Department?


The autor responds to several articles published in our Military Review, namely by Prof. František Ochrana, Prof. František Božek, Brigadier Rudolf Urban, Prof. Miroslav Krč, in No. 4/2008, with special appreciation to critical articles by Ing. Jiří Dušek and Lt.Col. Ing František Růžička in the same issue. He tries to find out common denominators of those essays. There are three of them: economization tied with rationalization, risk management, and information compatibility. As necessary he regards to unite those denominators both at the level of decision making officials and at the level of their subordinated elements, by means of e.g. working teams as a guarantee of coordination, so that the adopted Long-term Vision of Defence Department could be actually realized.

LTC. Ing. Karel Vávra , born in 1970. He is a graduate of the Military College of the Ground Forces inVyškov, two-semester course at the Faculty of Law, Charles University Prague, centred at social policy. From 1993 till 2002 Financial Service of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, chief senior officer-specialist Section of Recourses, Branch for the Implementation of Armed Forces Reform, former Division of Strategic Planning, MoD. After the re-organization he moved to the Force Planning Division of MoD, position of chief senior officer-specialist in program planning, since the beginning of the year 2008 he has been working as a head of Support of Military Education Section, where he deals in problems of planning and financing military schools.

Country: Czech Republic


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