The Legality of the Military Police Activities by Granting Aid as a Host Nation Support Operation


The paper deals with the principle of legality during putting in practice of Military police support to allied armed forces in the Host nation Support operation on the Czech Republic territory. Security of sending nation armed forces weaknesses have been identified on the base of analysis of the issue current state supplemented by the legal framework assessment. Suggestions, for expert discussion of Military police authority change, are in the last chapter.

Leopold Skoruša, Ph.D., born in 1959. He is a graduate of the Military College of Ground Forces and the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno (law and legal science). In 2012 he successfully completed his doctoral studies at the University of Defense in the field of Population Protection. At present, he works at the University of Defense. He specializes in the application of international, EU and European law in the field of security and defense of the state.

Country: Czech Republic


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