Pacifism and Manning Armed Forces of the Czech Republic by Reserve Soldiers in Time of Threat or War


Pacifism, opposition to war and other violence, is both organized political movement and individual ideology. Pacifism varies from a form that is absolute and doctrinal to a relative and more practical form. Absolute pacifists are against all wars and against violence in any form whatsoever; relative pacifists are selective of the wars and violence they oppose. Most absolute pacifists stress the immorality of the taking of one person's life by another person. The philosophy of pacifism has been propounded throughout history on grounds of morality, divine will, or economic and social utility. The probable impact of pacifist theories on the Armed Forces is discussed in this article, as service in our forces is set by the law and inner normative acts of the Ministry of Defence.

Ing. Bohuslav Vlček, Ph.D., born in 1958, in 1982 he graduated from the Military Academy Brno, then he served in various technical positions with the troops. In the years 1988-95 he was in the position of senior officer at the District Command (OVS) Brno-country. From 1995-2006 senior lecturer of the group of peace and wartime manning, Division of the State Defence Management, Institute of Operational and Tactical Studies (ÚOTS) Brno. At this institute he completed his pedagogical schooling in the frame of further education. In the year 2005 he completed the vocational Staff Course Brigade Task Force. In 2008 he defended his Ph.D. thesis with the title of Problems of Activities of Military Administrative Offices during the Mobilization of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

Country: Czech Republic


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