Military Police Needs its own Concept


The article is related to the building process of Capabilities Development Concept of Military Police (MP) in Ministry of Defence environment. With regards to the specific status of MP within Ministry of defence and with regards to diversity of assigned tasks Capabilities Development Concept of MP is finally hybrid document, containing elements of concept, strategy and long-term development intent. This is positive fact based on unique status of this branch of arms. The author who is actively influencing the proces of concept building is describing his recommendations and observations which might be convenient also for those readers who are not Military Police workers.

Major Lukáš Stejskal (*1979) is graduated from the Military College of the Grand Forces in Vyškov (2002), from he University of Defence in Brno (2007) and from the the infantry officer's application school in France (2003). He held the parachute battalion Company Commander and the Chief of the Military Police unit section. Currently he is working in the Planning Department of the Main Headquarters of the Military Police in Prague. He studies a doctoral study programme at the Faculty of the Military Leadership of the University of Defence in Brno. He deals with the problems the possibilities of police units in counter insurgency operations.


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