Up to Law Family Tree of Public Contracts


Evaluating offers of contestants for public contracts belong to key and critical moments of public tenders and the whole acquisition process at all. Variety and comprehensibility of numerical and rating methods shouldn't prevent applicants from understanding conditions and terms of contract/agreement. The transparency principle of evaluating is only slowly pushing forward in our legal system. We move from mere subjectivistic and unverifiable impressions to the unbiased comparing of best offers, together with the requirement of transparency, as a part of the process of comparing, ranking, and assessing offers, by the use of specific qualitative or quantitative factors, such as prices, feasibility, collateral risks, time plan or other conditions. The final step is called amalgamation, when we merge individual classifications in one complex appraisal.

JUDr. Ing. Dalibor Nový, Ph.D., born in 1977, Faculty of Law, Masaryk Charles University, The Police Academy (POLAC) of the Czech Republic, Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences (ČZU) in 2006, Prague. Before he performed compulsory military service, he had been employed a journalist. During studies he was a part-time assistant advocate, afterwards he the lawyer of Military Regional Office (ÚVS) Kladno (2003). From 2004 he has worked at the Armaments Division, now the National Armaments Office (NÚřV), MoD. Since 2010 he has lectured at the Faculty of Law, Pan-European University. Occasionally he publicizes in magazines and journals Legal Advisor (Právní rádce), Administrative Law (Správní právo), Czech Military Review (Vojenské rozhledy) and in collections from conferences dealing with various questions of administrative and commercial laws.

Country: Czech Republic


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