Overview of the Foreign Experience of the Influence of Additive Manufacturing on Development and Deployment of Military Technology


The paper presents the additive manufacturing method as a possible alternative to the current subtractive manufacturing methods. Based on literature survey, some of the problematic aspects of the discrepancy between the lengthy development cycles and rapidly changing operational demands responsive to current threats are identified. The paper also includes some thoughts on possibilities of solving inadequacies in the development cycles, as well as related logistical apparatus, by additive manufacturing. For the sake of objectivity, the last part is dedicated to deficits of additive manufacturing, being inherent to technology or possibly to be overcome by further development of the field.

Jakub Harašta, born in 1988. He graduated from the master's program in law and legal science in the Faculty of Law at the Masaryk University in Brno. He acted in the Law Office of Valterse Gencse in Riga, Lithuania and he also served as a law clerk. Now, he is an Assistant at the Institute of Law and Technology of the Masaryk University and an external PhD candidate, ibid. In his professional activity, he focuses to the area of cyber security and cyber warfare.

Country: Czech Republic


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