Armament of Mechanized Force: Keeping on BVP-2 and the Vision of Development


The article is an analysis of the further development of mechanized battalions of Czech forces (ACR). The defence department will have to take a major decision how to replace old tracked infantry combat vehicles (ICVs) BVP-2. Several years ago, it was decided to acquire those vehicles for one brigade, so the best option could be to keep this project on. The acquisition and simultaneous operations of two similar vehicles, wheeled and tracked ones, are not effective for forces of ACR size. The extra costs of operation would not produce an adequate increase in capabilities of mechanized units. The author presents dozens of arguments to support this conclusion and at the end he makes recommendations for the future acquisition strategy in Czech defence department.

Major Karel Zetocha, PhD., born in 1977, graduated from the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University Brno in political science, international relations and European studies. He worked as assistant professor at the Institute for Strategic Studies Defense University in Brno (2007). From 2011 was assigned to the 74th Light Motorized Battalion. Currently he works at the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic. He professionally focuses on the issues of functioning of security forces in democracy, defense policy and military science. He is the author of the monograph Intelligence Services in the New Democracy: the Czech Republic, editor of the Military Strategy textbook and the author of many articles.

Country: Czech Republic



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