The Various Ways of Civil-Military Development


With the running changes in methods of modern operations within NATO framework, there are also changes in demands and tasks in the scope of civil-military operations—CIMIC. They are incorporated in many documents, such as the Comprehensive Political Guidance, New Concept of Civil-Military Cooperation or Field Manual 3-07 Stability Operations. The CIMIC capacities ought to be used for active impact on impending security situation, crisis development, impact implemented more sooner then crises might escalate to conflicts, eventually they could be used to halt the conflicts, in the places where they are a threat to Alliance security. We must create new rules of co-operations between civil and military sections, with the use of Alliance materials, resources and documents from conferences, seminars and field working shops. Today we have also abundant experiences that the Army of the Czech Republic, its CIMIC section, have acquired in preceding ten years.

Ing. Pavel Zona, Ph.D., Ltc. (Ret.),  born in 1957, he graduated from the Military College of the Ground Forces at Vyškov in 1984; from 1984 till 1998 command and staff assignments with motorized infantry, later with mechanized units, 1995-96 he studied at the Military Academy Brno, 1998-2001 chief of Regional Military District Commands (OVS/ÚVS) Znojmo; 2001-2003 chief of CIMIC/PSYOPS Centre. From the year 2003 research fellow of the Institute of Operational and Tactical Studies (ÚOTS) Brno. Since January 1, 2010, research fellow of K111 Department. He is involved in the theory of military art, military strategy, and above all civic-military cooperation.

Country: Czech Republic


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