Experiment in the Military Domain


The article deals with the experimentation in the military domain. It is anchored by the experiment explanation in the NATO context paying special attention to the capability development. Basic principles and terminology of design, execution and analysis is discussed in the following part employing 5W approach. The main focus is aimed at the experiments’ examples from the NATO and Nations environment. The article is closed by the explanation of the role of the experiment in the decision making process under the uncertainty in the complex environment.

COL Jan Hodický, PhD., was born in the 1977. He is the Head of the Airforce technology department at the University of Defense (UoD) in Brno. In 2003, he got his PhD from the Informatics and Computer Science at the UoD in Brno. He was employed as assistant professor at the Communication and Information Department until 2012. After that, he was in charge of the Doctrine, Education and Training Department at the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of the Excellence in Rome. From 2017 until 2018, he was a senior researcher at the Centre for the Security and Military Strategic Studies at the University of Defense in Brno.   He is focused on modelling and simulation applied in the military domain.

Country: Czech Republic


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