Information Operations on the Background of Contemporary Armed Conflicts


The article presents the theory of information operations on the background of contemporary armed conflicts in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. In the introduction, information is presented as a phenomenon and the accelerator of social development. It outlines basic information channels that deliver security information to their recipients. Furthermore, the article discusses security and operational environment and also vulnerabilities being caused by increasing dependence on information. The core of the article are information operations presented in theory with the author's commentary on real application in military practice and in terms of the Czech Armed Forces. As part of information operations are subsequently introduced psychological operations, computer network operations and electronic warfare. The article ends with real examples of information and psychological operations in modern warfare, and conditions of their management in the Czech Armed Forces. The conclusion summarizes the general idea of the security environment and information operations, and stresses the importance of information operations in current and future conflicts.

Maj. Tomáš Novák, born in 1979. He studied the Military Academy in Brno and numbers of domestic and foreign courses in area of CIMIC and PSYOPS, and operational planning in NATO School in Oberammergau. In 2007 he was deployed in KFOR operation and in 2010 in ISAF (PRT Logar) operation as a Chief of S-9 (CIMIC and PSYOPS). He has a practice in area of CIMIC doctrine development. Since 2013 he is a commander of Czech Armed Forces Operations Centre for PSYOPS Operations. At the same time he is studding PhD program of the University of Defence in Brno, focusing on psychological and information operations.

Country: Czech Republic


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