Present-day Notions on Military Deceptions


In the previous Military Review we introduced the article "Will Military Deception Pass Away?" by the same author. In the Army of the Czech Republic we have no manual dealing with military deception (MILDEC). The only manual concerning MILDEC was abolished without any substitute. But military art can't be further developed without similar documents. Today we take MILDEC as a complex set of provisions misleading enemy's commanders and staff, by means of false information and counterfeit data that deliberately deceive adversary decision-makers and planners. Use of MILDEC during any phase of an operation also helps to mislead adversaries as to the strength, readiness, locations, and intended missions of friendly forces. The MILDEC could contribute to the successful accomplishment of the assigned mission by many ways.

Asoc. Prof. Milan Kubeša, PhD. (Col., ret.), born in 1949. Military Academy Brno. Practise: command and staff posts in the tactical and operational levels of units and staffs, scientist at the of Operational Art Institute and teacher at the University of Defence in Brno. He developed numerous of study materials and methodological tools for teaching students and also participated in the scientific projects. Currently he is teaches at the Centre for Defence and Military Strategic Studies, University of Defence, Brno. He is a expert on the issue of military-strategic and operational aspects of the development, preparation and use of Armed Forces.

Country: Czech Republic


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