War game is a simulation of military operations intended to train military commanders or to test a proposed strategy. It is a game in which model soldiers are used to create battles, in order to study tactics. This article illustrates the importance of War Game COAs (course of action). It was tested against opposing force COAs. Such exercise will help to identify advantages and disadvantages and the key elements of execution planning for each COA. The lesson learned during OHQ CZE/SVK BG EU Staff Exercises that took place in Olomouc from January 19th, to January 23rd, and from February 16th, to February 20th, 2009 is that war-gaming (although time consuming) is something closer to "reality" than the "theory" in doctrines. The war-gaming practices teamwork, facilitates team-building and enables to share mental model COA. Commanders and their staff ought to be engaged in simulations and war games more frequently. All information and sources for this paper were drawn from unclassified materials.

Ing. Jaroslav Kulíšek, Lt.Col. (Ret.), born in 1953, Military University of Ground Forces (VVŠ PF) Vyškov, Military Academy (VAAZ) Brno, Netherlands Integrated Air-Ground Operations School, NIAGOS. He worked at the European Union Operation Command. In the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic he introduced operation standardization into forces, into operational planning and control of ground forces activities. While at the General Staff, he was involved in operational capabilities of integrated combat information surrounding NEC. He occupied himself with the implementation process of introducing operation standardization, command and control systems for expeditionary operations and operational engagement of EU battle groups He took part in UN peace missions: UNOMIGs; NATO: SFOR, NTMI; and the EU: EUFOR RD CONGO. He gained operational experiences in conflicts zones in the Caucasus and Iraq. Currently he works at the Joint Operation Centre, MoD (SOC MO), as a specialist in the field of managing crises and operational planning.

Country: Czech Republic


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