The Development of Personnel Recovery in Military Operations


Personnel Recovery is currently an inseparable part of all NATO military operations. This article is focused on the development of the Personnel Recovery in military operations from the Second World War to the 2003 Iraq War. It describes the meaning of the concept of Personnel Recovery, introduces its basic aims including the clarification of its importance in military operations. It focuses on the identification of conditions that determine the existence of the rescue system. In the historical context, it describes the circumstances of development of the recovery of isolated personnel, including its incorporation into a functional system. It identifies and analyzes events that, in terms of their importance and ability to influence subsequent development, represents milestones in the organization of Personnel Recovery and from them describes the measures taken.

Jiri Svoboda has studied International Relations and European Studies at the Metropolitan University of Prague. From 2016 a student of a combined doctoral degree at the University of Defence in Brno. He has worked in positions related to the implementation and management of the Personnel Recovery in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. He is currently working in the field of risk management.

Country: Czech Republic


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