Recent Objectives of Cyber Defence in the Department of Defence (3)


The paper deals with cyber security, cyber defence and operations in cyber space focusing on the department of defence. Tasks implied from the Czech Republic’s, NATO’s and European Union strategic documents and roles of participating subjects have been analysed. Four scenarios as another source of identified tasks were created and used to describe possible situations requiring cyber defence capabilities. The presented analysis is a prerequisite for specifying required capabilities, and a proposal how to assign roles, responsibilities and required capabilities.

Dalibor PROCHÁZKA, Ph.D. (LTC ret.) (*1962) graduated from the Faculty of Numeric Mathematics and Cybernetics at the Moscow State University in 1986 and he defended his PhD dissertation in technical cybernetics at Military Academy in Brno in 1997. He became an assistant professor at the Department of Technical Cybernetics and Military Robotics at the Military Academy in Brno in 1987. He worked on the Czech Army Logistics Information System Department, 1995-1997, and on research and implementation in the field of modelling and simulation for military training, 1998 – 2005. After leaving the military service he worked as a project manager at VR Group, 2006-2009 and as database manager at the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Centre of Excellence. As an analyst at the Defence Policy and Strategy Division of Ministry of Defence (2011-2013) he worked on cyber defence policy. After joining the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies he concentrates on modelling and simulation for defence and security studies and on cyber defence.

Country: Czech Republic


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