Defence Development and its Possible Impact on Capabilities of Czech Armed Forces Chemical Corps


Successful protection against Weapons of Mass Destruction and Toxic Industrial Materials is a permanent and current challenge for the Czech Armed Forces Chemical Corps units and formations. Technical and technological improvements of the equipment and material as a result of defence development projects mostly contributed to enhancement of operational capabilities. In some cases, however, the required capability has not been changed or has been worsened. The paper deals with principal results of the study which the authors have elaborated in 2015.

MAJ Radim Zahradníček, Ph.D., 1985, University of Defence. Between years 2008-2014 he held command and staff positions at 312th CBRN Defence Battalion and 31st CBRN Defence Regiment. In the years 2009 and 2011 he was deployed to operation ISAF in Afghanistan and in 2013 to Jordan as a member of a Mobile Training Team. In 2014 he joined NBC Defence Institute of University of Defence and boarded position of lecturer, in 2019 he was assigned to the position of senior lecturer. His subject matter expertise is oriented into areas of use of CBRN units in operations and development of CBRN defence system.



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