Military Scenario Development


The global security environment brings forward different and surprising challenges for the armed forces, which require a good training and preparation. One way of sorting out the endeavour is using scenarios, the concept used extensively in the military field, the military field being the initiator of this concept. Military scenario development is the subject of this article, which is going to bring some essential characteristics and propose a working option for elaborating a scenario. The final aim is to help military planners have a good working procedure when developing a scenario in order to create a document updated with warfare evolution and operational planning process ready to respond to all risks and threats. The scenario is a way used by military structures at all levels of military art (strategical, operational and tactical) to get in contact with a probable unknown situation, to assimilate it and to sort it out. The article focuses on the scenario development process and proposes stages and activities that should be followed by a joint operational group when tasked with preparing a scenario.

Marius Titi POTIRNICHE, Ph.D., is a researcher at the Center for Defence and Security Strategic Studies at the “Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest and a retired colonel of the Romanian Armed Forces. His main interests are related to military doctrine and theory, military strategy and their impact on armed forces development.

Country: Romania


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