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Efficiency of Language Education at the Language Center of the University of Defence


During the period between 2016 and 2019, the efficiency of language courses was scrutinized by invention methods. In 2019, the language requirements were set to 14 958 positions in the Czech Armed Forces (60.69 %). Out of the given number of positions, the language requirement was met by only 6 414 professional soldiers, i.e. 42.88 %. The results of the language courses vary a lot depending on the required level of language proficiency; the courses designed to prepare the learners for SLP 1111 and SLP 2222 had the success rate around 60 %, however, the success rate of the courses for SLP 3333 was rather lower (38 %). Out of five groups of factors affecting the success rate, the relative significance of 22 factors was assessed. Most of the critically significant factors concerned the organization of language education; some of the critically significant factors were as follows: placement testing, flexibility of the syllabus and familiarization with the exam format and assessment criteria.  


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