Is Economic Education of Military Professionals Necessary?


This paper deals with problem of education in a military college on the background of military-economic reality. It shows the requirements of the Bologna Declaration in the relation to economic education. Training of military officers has four levels: qualifying (in relation to the performance of different professional roles), developing (in relation to the developing leader personality), motivational (in relation to recruitment) and accepting (in relation between public and army). The economics is of great importance here. It should be beneficial for responsible managers, for their decision-making that can lead to optimization of the results based on economic behaviour, linked to motivational factors. 

Prof. PhDr. Miroslav Krč, CSc., Col. (Ret.), born in 1948, Military Railway School (VŽU) in 1970, Military Academy Bratislava, specialization political economy (1974), military economy (1984). In 1989 he was appointed associate professor for political economy, in 1997 associate professor for state defence economics, professor in 2003. He lectured defence economy at the Military Academy Brno, 1992-2003 head of Department of Social Sciences, Military Academy, Brno; from 2003 head of Department of Economics at the Military University of the Ground Forces (VVŠ PV) at Vyškov. After the reorganization of military university system in 2004, he became head of Department of Economy, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), University of Defence. In his scholarly works he occupies himself with problems of economic support of defence. He publishes both at home and abroad.

Country: Czech Republic


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