Career Education Of Military Leaders in the Area of the Lessons Learned


The paper is focused on the issue how to develop and strengthen the competencies of military leaders essential for management of the Lessons Learned process in the Czech Armed Forces. The analysis shows that the issue of lessons learned is sufficiently addressed in relevant military documents which provides a foundation for definition of relevant competencies. Questionnaire survey proves that most respondents apply identified competencies related primarily to analysis phase and the verification of lessons identified. The article further presents a study curriculum proposal that can be used as a comprehensive framework for study programs within career education currently provided by the Center for Security and Military Strategic Studies of the University of Defence and the Training Command - Military Academy.

Richard Saibert, PhD., born 1969. He graduated from the Military University in Vyškov (1991). In the Czech Armed Forces he held various command and staff positions. Within Ministry of Defence he also dealt with issues related to the defence policy of the Czech Republic. He has also experience from foreign workplaces as well as from the civilian sector, especially in the area of the project management and public procurement. He is currently working as a researcher at the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies, University of Defence. He publishes articles related to the military personnel development, Lessons Learned in the Czech Armed Forces and doctrine development.


Country: Czech Republic


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