Preparation of Military Observers of the Czech Armed Forces before Dispatch for Operation


The article is freely connected with the article United Nation Military Observer published in this Military Revue No 3, 2013, where the role of UN military observer was specified, i.e. as a member of an international peace support operation and military peace engagement. This following article mainly deals with UN military observer training procedures and concentrates on the classification of this training category. The lager part of the article is focused on military observers´ general preparation and its subjects and contents. In respective chapters, there are individual items of this training and their implementation explained, partly in the ACR. Finally, the author opens the question of chances to implement some neglected types of military observer's schooling, specific mission training, in-place training, and refresh training.

Maj. Jan Drozd, born in 1976, University of Defence (2006), specialization logistics. 2003-2010 - commander and staff positions in training and support units. 2010-2011 – tactics section chief in the Military Academy. He currently acts as an assistant professor in the Military Management and Tactics department of the University of Defence in Brno.
Country: Czech Republic

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