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Analysis of quality of geographic support of foreign operations


The article analyses activities of geographical support in missions abroad. The proposals for adjustment of processes and equipment during a preparation phase of perspective deployment of mobile geographic support unit were created on a basis of author’s knowledge and experience, studies of documents and a discussion of participants in missions. The ISAF mission (currently Resolute Support mission) represents a model on which a future form of geographic support of national contingents in missions abroad is being developed. The brought up results represent a recommendation for further development of geospatial support of AČR in missions. The main conclusion is defining a need of position for a geographer within a mid-sized contingent and at a same time making use of a new mobile geographic set GeMoZ-C, which already complies with a majority of mentioned remarks.

Mjr. Ing. Josef Rada, narozen 1981, studium Univerzita obrany 2000 - 2005. Specializuje se obor sběru informací o území a řízení výrobních procesů. Účastnil se na různých geografických pozicích misí ISAF a KFOR a je představitelem mezinárodní skupiny MN-GSG. Publikační činnost zaměřuje na sběr a analýzy geografických dat a rozbory geografické podpory v zahraničních misích.


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