Perfecting the Instrument: Learning Operations at the Beginning of Campaigns (3)


Uncertainty is a constant in war. Militaries regularly go into conflicts with operational concepts that are not relevant in the face of the enemy and his plans. The authors propose a way to reduce uncertainty and rapidly check, then adapt, the operational concept — designed learning operations at the beginning of campaigns. These relatively small operations will create friction with the enemy, giving learning teams crucial information to assess their operational concepts. Learning operations offer conventional militaries a way to maximize their advantages over sub-state enemies, by concentrating learning at the outset of the fight and adapting first.

Mr. Yaniv Friedman is a researcher at the Dado Center. He was a researcher at the Center for National Security Studies at the Haifa University. Friedman holds an MA in International Relations and History. He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation on the Levi Eshkol government's security policy, 1963-1966.

Country: Israel


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