United Nations Miliary Observer


This article deals with the involvement of military members of the Czech Army within peacekeeping operations as military observers. It discusses the core of the command and control of peacekeeping operations under the heading of the United Nations. It is focused on the role of military observers and the peculiarities of their tasks, based on the historical development. The special attention is dedicated to selection criteria and requirements for the selection of military observers. The candidates have to be flexible persons with comprehensive educational background. In the conclusion, the author opens the possibility to continue with the theme of military observers by means of a subsequent article based on personal experiences.

Maj. Jan Drozd, born in 1976, University of Defence (2006), specialization logistics. 2003-2010 - commander and staff positions in training and support units. 2010-2011 – tactics section chief in the Military Academy. He currently acts as an assistant professor in the Military Management and Tactics department of the University of Defence in Brno.
Country: Czech Republic

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