Gavlas Pavol

Doc . Ing . Pavol Gavlas , Ph.D . ( MG. Ret.), born in 1942. He is a graduate of the Military School in Vyškov, the Military Academy in Brno and the Military Academy of the General Staff in Moscow. He acted in command and staff posts in the Parachute Regiment, in the command of the mechanized division, including the chief of staff position. In the eighties he worked at the Military Academy in Brno as the head of the of Military Intelligence Department. After 1989 he acted as a chief of the Office of the Minister of Defence, later as a chief of the Military Defence Intelligence Service. In 1990 he was promoted to the rank of Major General and became to work in the post of the Strategic Studies Institute director. After retirement he has taught at the School of International and Public Relations in Prague.

Country: Czech Republic