Májek Vojtěch

Ing. Vojtěch Májek, CSc., Col. (Ret.), born in 1956, he studied Air Force Secondary School and subsequently the Military Aircraft Training Centre (VSOŠL-VLU) Košice, Slovakia, after that the Military Technical College (VVTŠ) Martin, Slovakia. He served in a variety of assignments at basic unit levels, commander of battalion, air defence artillery, chief of operation section of air defence battalion, deputy commander of air defence missile brigade. He completed internal postgraduate studies, with state air defence (PVOS) as major, at the Military Academy Brno. In the years 1991-1993, he held position of researcher and teacher at the Operational Art Research Institute in Brno, and the Institute of Security Studies (IVOU-ISS) Brno. He worked at various positions including the position of head of the Department of Air Defence Systems, Military Academy Brno. At present he works at the Department of Air Defence Systems, University Defence (PVO UO), Brno, researcher and lecturer.

Country: Czech Republic