Krčmář Miroslav

Lt.Col. Ing. Miroslav Krčmář, born in 1958, Air Force Academy (VVLŠ) Košice. In 1989 he was sent as a military observer into the UN mission, after his return in 1990 he worked at the Institute of Scientific Information, Czechoslovak Federal Ministry of National Defence (FMNO/ÚVI MO). He was the first officer of the Czechoslovak army who studied management of sources at the Defence Resources Management Institute, Monterey, USA. From 1993 he served in the General Staff, in 1995 he retired at his own request. He took part in more than 12 missions of the UN (UNTAG-Namibia, Angola; UNMIN-Nepal), OBSE (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Georgia, Belarus), electoral observer for the EU (Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nepal, Ethiopia), 1999-2003 OSEE in Vienna. In January 2009 he was reactivated and now works as a senior lecturer at the University of Defence. He deals with the problems of international cooperation and military planning.

Country: Czech Republic