Štancl Luboš

Doc. Dr. Luboš Štancl, CSc., Lt.Col. (Ret.), born in 1949, Higher Artillery School (VDU) Martin, distance study at the Military and Educational Faculty, Military Academy Bratislava, external study of a CSc. degree in the USSR. University teacher of political economy at the Military Command and Technical College (VVVTŠ) Martin, senior lecturer at the Military Technical College of Rear and Technical Support (VVŠ TTZ) Žilina; Military University of the Ground Forces (VVŠ PV) Vyškov. He retired in 1992. In 1995 he became a head of subject group of economy theory at the Department of Economics and State Defence Economy, Vyškov; 2004-2005 deputy head of the Department of Economy; and from 2005 senior research fellow at the Department of Economy, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Defence (FEM MO). He specializes in general economy theory and its implementation into military, history of economy thoughts, theory of state defence economy. In his scholarly work he is above all concentrated at the analysis of trends in arms production and international trade tied with products of military purposes. More recently, he has been working up fundamental problems of military-economy analysis.

Country: Czech Republic