Foltin Pavel

Col (GS) assoc. prof. Dr. habil. Pavel Foltin, PhD, born 1976. Graduate of the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programmes in Economics and Management of National Defence Economics, at the Military University of Land Forces in Vyškov (1998, 2000, 2004). In 2012 he received his habilitation at the University of Public Administration in Budapest, in the study programme Defence Management Theory, in the field of Military Science in Social Studies (Dr. habil.). In 2017, he graduated from the General Staff Course at the Defence University. He completed his second habilitation at the University of Defence in 2019, in the Economics and Management programme, in the field of study Economics of National Defence. He has been active in academia since 2003, participating in multinational exercises, conducting national and international research and development projects. His professional activity is focused in the field of military logistics in multinational operations, security and sustainability of logistics chains, modeling and simulation of distribution chains.

Country: Czech Republic