Vondrák Josef

Ltc.Ing. Josef Vondrák, born in 1962, Military College of the Ground Forces, Vyškov (VVŠ PV); branch of study: missile troops and artillery; 1984-1989 commander of artillery platoon and company, 1989-1992 postgraduate studies at Military Academy Brno. In the year 1992 he entered the 3rd Artillery Regiment as the head of a regiment reconnaissance, the same year he was appointed deputy commander of an artillery battalion, and a year after arty battalion commander. From 1994 till 2003 he gradually served in a number of assignments, in 1995 he completed six-week course of forward observers, Dutch Armed Forces, from 2003-2004 senior chief officer-deputy chief of an Artillery Section, Divison of Operations, General Staff. In 2004 head of a group of artillery support—deputy head of the department, first at the Military College of the Ground Forces, Vyškov, after the reorganization at the University Brno. At the same time he is a provisional head of the department.

Country: Czech Republic