Tuček Leoš

PaedMgr. et ThMgr. Leoš Tuček, born in 1966. He graduated from the Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Králové (1990), Hussite Theological Faculty of the Charles University in Prague (1990-1996) and from the study stay in Bourghiba Institut des Langues Vivantes, Tunisia (2001). After 1990 he externally taught at the Department of Czech language and literature in the Faculty of Education, Charles University and since 2003 he teaches at the Police Academy, Prague, where he is also a Ph.D. candidate. He deals with issues of political Islam, the relationship between religion and violence, the dynamics of social change in the Middle East and North African countries and the issue of Islam in the EU. He publishes the magazine of the Police Academy. He is a member of the Czech Society for the Study of Religions.

Country: Czech Republic