Pezl Karel

Ing. Karel Pezl, GEN (Ret.), born in 1927. He graduated from the Military Academy in Hranice (1946-1948) and the Military Academy in Prague, in command-staff specialization (1953). He worked in command and staff positions at the level of battalion, mechanized divisions, corps, army, territorial command and the General Staff. After occupation (1968) he works twenty years in civilian employments. Since 1991, he was the last Chief of the Czechoslovakian General Staff and from 1993, the first Chief of General Staff of Czech Armed Forces. In 1994, he became advisor to the Minister of Defence. In 1995-1999 he acted as an advisor of the President Vaclav Havel. Currently he is a member of the Executive Committee of the club for security, defense and protection of society and the state, and also the honorary chairman of the committee.

Country: Czech Republic