Ten Years Since We Joined NATO


This year we marked the 10th anniversary of our full membership in NATO. We've verified that the nation can become a "full fledged member" in eight or ten years at earliest. Signing the treaty, you became "only" a freshman. You must learn everything, from "consensus building" to forming informal coalition. The author of this article, Deputy of the Czech Permanent Representative to NATO, summarizes the history of fulfilling the membership's prerequisites and following difficult process of implementation of fundamentals and requirements, e.g. the so-called NATO legal acquis (Status of Forces Agreement), Planning and Review Process, setting Force Goals, fixing Identification Friend or Foe on Mi-21 aircraft assigned for Air Policing, problems with developing home infrastructure for Host Nation Support. We joined common security planning, took part in NATO Security Investment Programme and Conference of National Armaments Directors. But today's organization is quite different that used to be, the role and missions have changed. We must be prepared to meet them too.

PhDr. Zdenek Borkovec, born in 1947, the Faculty of Journalism of the Prague Charles University (1973). In 1990, he joined to the MoD as chief of Administration for Public Relations ant at this time also performed the position of spokesperson of MoD. In 1995 he was appointed Director of the Military Security Policy department of MoD. In the period 1999-2002 he worked as a head of defence advisers, permanent CZ delegation to NATO. Later he was appointed deputy director of Defense Policy and Strategy Division and political director of MoD. In 2006 - 2010 he was posted as a head of the political section of the CZ permanent delegation to NATO, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2010, he worked as CZ Deputy Ambassador.


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