Experience from Canceled Sajkovac Base Extend the Czech Armed Forces Engineer Capabilities (4)


The article deals with experience in closure of military bases in foreign operations. It follows in article Life cycle of military bases in foreign operations, published in Vojenské rozhledy Nr. 4/2009. The text of article presents current knowledge about the life cycle of military bases and general principles from the perspective of the latest NATO Handbook. The theoretical part of the article introduces weighting method of decision analysis, which compares current ways for the field bases closure. Authors describe findings from base closure Šajkovac that significantly influenced removal activities.

Maj. Ing. Jiří Štoller, Ph.D., born in 1975, Military Academy Brno, specialized in military ground buildings. He became a senior lecturer at the Department of Engineer Construction of the Military Academy in Brno. In 2005 a Ph.D. degree in military buildings, University of Defence UO Brno. From 2006 till 2007 in foreign peace missions, Czech Contingent, KFOR, Kosovo, senior staff officer-specialist (construction activities, broadening Šajkovac military base, adjustment of a base for the needs of a helicopter unit, complete breaking apart Gazalla Line base, reinforcing Šajkovac military base). At present he lectures at the Department of Engineer Technologies, University of Defence Brno. He specializes in issues of contemporary and defence buildings, geotechnics, and construction of ground buildings.

Country: Czech Republic


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