Thursday, 21 September 2023 12:39

Kořeny vojenské logistiky v retrospektivě

Redakce Vojenských rozhledů vám představuje článek profesora Jaroslava Komárka “The Roots of Military Logistics in a Retrospective”, který byl uveřejněn v časopisu   Economics and Management 2/2019. No military operation is conceivable without logistics. It is widely known, however, the origin of the term logistics is not unambiguously stated in publications and sometimes refers to ancient Greek. There is no doubt that the term “logistique” was first used by the general of Napoleonic army Antoine-Henri Jomini and Lieutenant Colonel George C. Thorpe, U. S. Marines,  anglicized Jomini's term to “logistics”. Among many distinguished authors that paved the way to the current theory of military logistics cannot be omitted Rear Admiral Henry Eccles. It is also worth to mention Austrian-American economist Oskar Morgenstern and his attempt to outline a consistent language between military and business logistics and to formulate a general theory of logistics.

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