The open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal Vojenské rozhledy (Czech Military Review) provides a platform for the presentation and exchange of the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of security and military, with an emphasis on defence policy, military strategy, strategic management and operational art. On its website also publishes articles on tactics, training, equipment , logistics and military experience of contemporary military operations.

The journal publishes the papers that deal with:

  • Theory and practice of the national security system elements, focusing on defense of the Czech Republic and on the development and operations of the Armed Forces
  • Theory and practice of the NATO, EU and its Member States security systems with an emphasis on the defense policy, development and operations of their Armed Forces
  • Lessons learned from the development, preparation and use of the Armed Forces in military operations and their applications to the theory of military art
  • The latest findings, trends and theories in the development of military strategy, operational art and tactics, training and support of forces in operations
  • Theory and practice of the national defense strategic management, and particular elements of the Czech Republic defence system
  • Presentation of conceptual documents , opinions and intentions representatives of the MoD
  • Trends in military technology and its application in the Armed Forces

Preferred forms of authors' contributions are original articles, essays, reviews, polemics , and book reviews.